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Kiln extensions.-Improvements in combustion facilities.-Cooling control and/or upgrading.-Temperature adjustment and control.-Studies, modifications and improvement of insulation.-Adaptation of second-hand kilns.
PROSEC, as a machinery-building company, in addition to fabricating the facilities, also handles the assembly, start-up, and technical assistance relating to our products and to the material to be dried or fired. Engineering, R&D;&I;, modifications of currently operating plants, repairs, and spare parts.
True technical support consists of not limiting itself just to supplying materials, but to providing know-how for drying and firing operations.
+Control: Incorporation or substitution of systems for regulating temperature, flow rates, pressure, safety; increasing and/or distributing regulation zones, etc.
+ Insulation: Studies to enhance the insulation in order to achieve higher working temperatures. Replacement of traditional refractory brick insulations in top walls, and particularly in the kiln ceiling, with our compact blocks and joists of ceramic fibre, with low thermal inertia, far below that of brick, with greater insulation capacity and high refractoriness.
Devoted insulation enhances the response to thermal shock and allows the frequency of start-ups and stops to be raised, minimising ensuing problems such as the detachment of pieces from the ceiling, breakages, displacement of the roller insets or wall insets, etc., and does not require the kiln to run at maintenance temperature with gas and power consumption, as well as labour, without production.
+ Combustion: Enhancements in combustion facilities, with the incorporation of equipment that optimises operation regulation, consumption, and safety.
Distribution and, where appropriate, extension of the number of regulation zones, etc.
+ Repairs and Transfers: Integral kiln repair and maintenance.
Adaptations of second-hand kilns, these being of particular interest when it is sought to reduce capital investment to less than half that of a new plant.
The kilns are disassembled, revised, re-assembled, and started up. The level of revision and, where appropriate, of repair is determined by the client as a function of the client’s needs.
This option is used by companies that wish to complete the product range that they offer with ‘cheap’ lines. Also for products that involve a certain innovation and that are, therefore, exposed to greater risk in the market, for which it is thus attempted to keep investments to a minimum. And when it is required to start up a facility with a rapid cost payback, etc.

PROSEC performs these activities, guaranteeing the work done and providing technical support for the start-up and operation of the facility.

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